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Auto Dealer Software

You can increase profitability, enhance efficiency, and harness data to achieve your objectives with the proper dealer management system.

Dealers must keep track of a lot of information when selling a car or any other automobile. With no automated accounting system, managing all the details becomes tough. But with AGN, you won't have to be concerned anymore! AGN software products include all the initiatives you'll need for your dealership on a unified platform.

Auto dealer software, often referred to as a dealership management system (DMS), may support you in administering used and new car sales, purchases, and paperwork. This DMS keeps track of profit-sharing across several locations.

Choosing The Right Auto Dealer Software

Auto dealer software with the appropriate features may make everything function together, resulting in more money. The following are some aspects to consider in auto dealer software

Inventory Management:

With the use of an inventory management function, it is simpler to determine what is accessible in the lot at any particular time. The repair business may also take account of the accessible tools and machinery using this feature.

Auto Repair:

This feature allows you to manage and schedule vehicle repairs on-site. Using vehicle databases, you can quickly solve problems.

Loan Processing:

Auto trading necessitates completing some form of finance or loan processing. Auto dealers can use a loan processing option to eliminate third-party participation and expedite the process to finalize deals on time.

Credit Checking:

This feature integrates with a car dealership's finance department and comes from credit bureaus such as Experian and TransUnion.

Warranty and Service:

These functionality monitors and maintains information about car warranties at the moment of the sale in a centralized registry. When a customer's vehicle warranty is due to expire, it alerts the vehicle dealership so that you can renew it further.

Regulatory Compliance:

Before turning over the automobile, users must verify the purchasers, and all requirements relevant to their identification must be satisfied. Furthermore, the individuals' disciplinary histories should be immediately cross-checked. It guarantees that papers are compliant with legal requirements.

AGN-Auto Dealer Software

AGN Dealer Management Systems is anchored by Cloud reporting, in-built account’s strength, and completely integrated with a portfolio of sophisticated tools, services, and innovations that don't come with added charges that raise business costs.

Invoicing and billing:

The AGN DMS Auto Dealer system software assists administrators with bill production and invoicing.

Vehicle Information:

The AGN DMS Auto Dealer Software can track vehicle-specific insurance, RTO status, gate passes, sales challans, and purchase orders, among other things.

MIS and Reports:

The program generates complete information on regular sales, servicing, and replacement parts, among other things.

Stock Management:

The auto dealer management system assists users in keeping thorough records for opening stock and associated modifications.

Supplier Management:

The Admin may use the program to produce supplier-specific purchasing charts.

Reporting and Analytics:

AGN DMS has several reporting modules that include metrics such as car sales, payments made, inconsistencies, and so on.

Get more out of your aspirations!

Many essential modules of the AGN DMS Auto Dealer software assist with collection administration, profit & loss computation, automatic tax calculation, and reporting. Other automotive dealer software components include marketing automation, CRM services, and vehicle showroom management. We have marketing, sales, supporting activities, and the most critical customer contact center. So get started with our enhanced DMS to achieve more from your objectives!

More straightforward and Enhanced Tools

AGN DMS Auto Dealer software can help with inventory, standard costing, funding, and approval of both automobiles and customers—and can help with both front and back-office chores (e.g., credit reports, accident history, etc.). Warranty details, sales contracts, vehicle repairs, inspections, and recurrent e-payments may all be prepared, tracked, and stored using this program. Vehicle inspection forms, garage registration, rollback calculations, records management, and transactional audit highlight our program.

Modernize with our Modules

Complement your utmost ambitious goals with our modules, which excel in DMS and current dealership system architecture and strategy.

Cooperative Web-based tools

Ascertain that your merchandise is visible both online and on the lot! AGN offers a comprehensive collection of tools to assist you in maximizing your inventory exposure. Our web-based DMS provides complete and flawless automation to help businesses run more efficiently.

Accessibility to better marketing

With our car dealership management software, small and large enterprises of all sizes may expand their client base and enhance overall vehicle sales. It helps auto dealers administer marketing campaigns for used and new car sales by simplifying their marketing chores. These initiatives may be monitored using the user-friendly interface and methodological approaches, which can assist obtain additional insights. AGN helps dealership owners gain a comprehensive understanding of their business and expand their professional horizons.